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Eco Friendly Printing: What does it mean?

Eco friendly printing is a kinder reprographic process for the environment which uses less natural resouces eg. electricity consumption, paper wastage and no harsh chemical that need disposal. We have choosen to follow the Eco Printing route for both our Litho and Digital printing equipment.

Lithographic eco friendly printing

  • HIGH QUALITY: Expect the same high quality printing as traditional presses
  • CHEMISTRY FREE: No harsh chemicals used
  • LESS ENERGY: uses approx 75% less electricity of a standard litho press
  • LESS WASTAGE: Uses about half the number of sheet to make the ready
  • SOYA BASED VEGETABLE INKS: No chemical inks used, cleans up with water and bit of alcohol
  • RECYCLED PLATES: all our chemistry free plates are sent back to Presstek to be recyled and resold
  • SHARPER PRINTS: Eco friendly printing on our DI press uses no ink thinners resulting in richer, sharper prints

Digital eco friendly printing

  • RECYCLED MATERIALS: Almost 90% of our Konica Minolta presses has been made using recycled materials
  • ORGANIC TONER: new eco friendly toner are organically grown not chemically produced
  • LESS ENERGY: uses less electricity to stimulate the toners to adhare to materials
  • RECYCLED CONSUMABLES: all consumable parts are sent back to Konica Minolta to be replenished and reused

Eco friendly printing papers

We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Recycled Paper wherever possible. All our waste are collected and sent to be recycled.

Recycled Paper

Up to a few years ago recycled paper got alot of bad press. After careful assessment of current availablity of recycled paper stocks we happily recommend the followings:

Cyclus Recycled Papers


Highly sustainable 100% recycled paper made without brightening agents. Cyclus has a natural slightly speckled appearance and is off-white in colour.

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